Signages for COVID-19 PPE Pack of 35 Vinyl Stickers


Lezoir Kit consists of 14 Important Signages like- 1) ??Remember to Sanitize after using thumbprint- 1 Quantity 2) ??️Temperature Check- 1 Quantity 3) ?Delivery Boys not allowed Inside- 1 quantity 4) ??Enter with gloves and Masks- 2 Quantity 5) ?Sanitize your Belongings- 2 Quantity 6) Remember to keep Social Distancing- 2 Quantity 7) Avoid Touching ?,?,?- 3 Quantity 8)Use Me- 3 Quantity 9) ?Maks to Be worn all the time- 3 quantity 10)?No hand shaking-3 quantity 11)No spitting and ?No smoking- 3 quantity 12) ?Wash your hands- 3 quantity 13) Please keep Social Distancing- 4 quantity 14) Thanks for Practicing Social Distancing- 4 quantity. Material and usage- We have used High quality vinyl sticker with UV printing ink with a coating for protection and durability. This can be applied at any clean/dry/flat and non-oily surfaces like wall,glass,window,door etc. That’s why it is very easy to clean

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